upcoming and past residencies throughout 2022

Mycotecture Sound Dome

In 2021 I received a residency invitation from the Larry Springs Museum of Common Sense Physics to take place Fall '22. Aspects of this residency involve me holding workshops in bio-sonification, Electro-magnetic frequencies, sculpting and building with mycelium as well as forest sound-walks and performances. Working with the local community in Fort Bragg and around Mendocino County, California a Myco-Sound Dome will be built/grown...  (click image for further info)

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 10.51.32.png

Coalesce Center for Biological Art

During my time at Coalesce (SUNY Buffalo) I gathered forest biome DNA, explored capturing and bottling forest scents, extracting my gut biome, cultivating Cordyceps, and Armillaria mycelium and more. My primary reason for visiting Coalesce was towards exploring the Mycelium Network through the use of various microscopes. 


SEM + Confocal + Atomic Force Microscopy

Gathering Confocal 3D image output for VR environment, SEM output for textural data and hidden fungal microcosm, Atomic Force to record fungal frequency information.  My residency at Coalesce was initially meant for Fall 2021, due to COVID restrictions and outbreaks it was deferred to Spring '22.