Mycotecture Sound Dome

In 2021 I received a residency invitation from the Larry Springs Museum of Common Sense Physics. Aspects of this residency involve me holding workshops in bio-sonification, Electro-magnetic frequencies, sculpting and building with mycelium as well as forest sound-walks and performances. Working with the local community in Fort Bragg and around Mendocino County, California a Myco-Sound Dome will be built/grown. Within the Myc-Sound Dome people may sit or stand while experiencing a living mycelium soundscape.

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 11.26.25.png

Experience a living fungi soundscape:  
The first method involves small speakers embedded within the myco-brick structure in a quadraphonic speaker arrangement.
The second method works with bone conductance. Guests hold the conductor, placing it onto their cheekbone or forehead, experiencing the soundscape privately. 
The third method involves a Fungal + Human duet, which plays through the quadraphonic speaker arrangement. Special touchpads within the Myco-Sound Dome allow guests to interact with the living fungi directly. The touchpads send conductance measurements through the fungi into biodata modules connected to analogue synthesizers. 



The Larry Spring Museum of Common Sense Physics:

Lorenz 'Larry' Spring (1915-2009) was a freethinker who dedicated much of his life to an alternative analysis of electromagnetic energy. Larry Spring aspired to simplify the complex phenomena described by mathematical theory. “Let the Energy be your Teacher” was his common sense mantra.

Please visit the museum website for further info- super curious!

Fall 2022

Over the course of the residency a human-scale structure will be built on-site from mycelium grown bricks.

Approximate Myco-Dome footprint 8’ x 10’ area, 6.5’ H

Inside the finished structure visitors are invited to sit/stand/meditate while experiencing the living

mycelium (the root-structure of mushrooms) generate sounds, creating a non-human derived soundscape.


• Democratizing Mushroom Cultivation: Fungal Bio-Materials

Hands-on, step by step demonstration on cultivating mycelium through re-cycling. Expanding this

technique further towards mushroom farming, sculpting and myco-remediation. A Google doc, or

similar is created listing local suppliers, suggested reading. This document is evolving and can be

added to, updated and shared.

• Biodata-module building with solderless breadboards and Electromagnetic microphones*


Eurorack modular system set-up with bio-sonification modules and special microphones sending

data into the synths. Transducers enable people to also feel the fungi’s biodata.

• Special touch pads allow visitors to hear their own biodata filtered through the fungi.

• Interactive element for public activation, speculation - considering communication between trees

and plants within forests. Human impact to the shared environment.

• generative visuals created from the Fungal biodata projection mapped onto outer museum walls. 

*Sound Walks:

Biodata collecting, field recordings and Electromagnetic recordings:

Workshop participants join Tosca and local mycologists heading into a local forest to learn about local fungi biome

and to collect biodata, and listen in to the electromagnetic spectrum using the microphones they built during the workshop.