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Chaos consortia for In Space Grey

Live stream Mycelium & Human holobiont performance with Tosca Terán, Ganoderma lucidum and Pleurotus ostreatus for In Space Grey exhibit. 

Living mycelium is connected to synthesisers through bio-sonification modules. These modules detect micro fluctuations in conductivity between 1,000-100,000 of a sec and translate this data, in real-time, into MIDI notes and controls. 


Considering fluctuating assemblages, lands, populations and transactions. 

I’m drawn to Symbiogenesis. Symbiogenesis, literally ‘becoming by living together,’ refers to the crucial role of symbiosis in major evolutionary innovations. 


On a microscopic level, borders and boundaries collapse, our shared environment becomes more apparent. Carl Sagan told us, "Humans are a way for the Cosmos to know itself." 

Perhaps the {human}Holobiont is a way for the Earth to explore itself as a thinking, learning, self-assembling mass of microbes, bacteria and fungi.

A Chaos Consortia.






The visual representation of the grey space in this work is a collision and interaction between different information streams to visually represent an analog to the intersecting extremes of the black and white polarity of beliefs, facts and concepts. However, the grey space is not a fixed point between polar opposites; therefore, the composite image produced by the interaction of point cloud data from Canadian Boreal forest regions with bio-data gleaned from living mycelium is in a constant state of change. At first, the flux of seemingly unrelated data streams creates a kind of noise that, when viewed over time, betray a sense of pattern evoking the building blocks of life itself on a nanoscale. There is no permanence or exact repetition to the visualization. Still, a powerful suggestion of the transience of all living things is conveyed through a virtual cycle of life and death, creation and decay.


Photogrammetry scans output as point clouds which have been fed into a code driven generative feedback loop. The Point cloud scans are being triggered from biodata that was translated in real-time from living fungi, which also create the soundscape. 

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