The Mycorrhizal Rhythm Machine
July 29 to September 20, 2021

@NAISA North, Ontario 

Turning a {Space 10} Grow Room into a Fungi and Sprout music generator.
Fine electrodes placed within roots of Endo (and some Ecto) mycorrhizal plants, receive biodata and translate this activity into notes which trigger actuators that strike, strum and rattle creating a symbiotic symphony of sound!

For example: Herbs play the string section, tomatoes + squash = percussion, flowering plants = woodwinds. As the plants thrive and grow (or die off) we hear changes in pattern.  Dawn chorus, rainy days, cold evenings= the rhythm is around us.

Due to ongoing COVID restrictions, people will interact with the Rhythm Machine through proximity sensors.



for Grow Dome installation:

Fast-growing sprouts, vegetables, herbs will be started, and grow over the duration of the installation. Visitors and/or NAISA may harvest.

Sprouts & microgreens: wheatgrass, adzuki, basil, oregano, arugula, broccoli, fenugreek, chickpea

Vegetables: squash, sweetpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, ________

Phytagel: to show root growth with mycorrhizal fungi 

Motors will be controlled via the MIDI notes being sent from the Bio-Sonification modules connected to the root/fungi. 

More behind the scenes information will be uploading throughout the end of May leading up to install dates in July. Stay tuned or follow along on instagram @MothAntler