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Mycelia grew out of the Symbiosis/\Dysbiosis project. An installation with a VR component controlled by living mycelium. Due to the size of Symbiosis/\Dysbiosis I knew there was no way colleague Sara Lisa Vogl and I would have something viable towards submitting work to the A MAZE. / Berlin 2021 festival. Sara and I put our heads together and thought of a fantastical, crystalline geode cave where the heart or entity of Mycelium dwelled. I would perform as Nanotopia with my partner Andrei and create an electronic soundscape working with fungi bio-sonification, and Sara Lisa would perform as ROOT, interpreting the mushroom music through a full-body tracked dance. We created a Mood Board and connected with the Meta Crew South Africa! Specifically, Phace, Tonetastic, Deac and TysonX.  Mycelia was born!

Opening night performance & Euro premiere for A MAZE. / Berlin 2021

Invited Special Event performance for Venice VR Expanded 2021

Venice streamed performance - audio only. Please see below for edited performance live stream from VRC for A MAZE 

Nanotopia & the MVSA are going spelunking with the mycelium! Join us in the world of Mycelia in VRChat during A MAZE./Berlin 

All performances will be streamed & freely accessible. Or if you have PCVR capabilities register for Mycelia to
experience full immersion. 
Special avatars will be available for our guests to wear,
becoming a part of the Mycelia world. 



Throughout the A MAZE./Berlin festival living mycelium is connected to the Mycelia VRC environment where it is creating a reactive soundscape.

Haptic sensors are placed around the mycelium in the physical world which respond to touch within VRC.


The July 21st performance is taking place during the A MAZE opening night festivities & will be streamed through the

A MAZE stream portal. Securing your seats through the Eventbrite button below ensures access into the Mycelia world. 

All streams are free! July 22 & 24 streams take place through the Nanotopia YouTube channel. 

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