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My project involves working with Mycologists around Sydney, cultivating mycelium and Bio-Sonification throughout the UNESCO World Heritage Blue Mountains. August 16 -October 16, 2019

BigCi Environmental Awards 2019 Winners Announced

Dear Friends and Colleagues, We are excited to announce Tosca Teran as one of the winners of the BigCi Environmental Award 2019.

Here is what the judges said about Tosca’s proposal:


Tosca’s practice is impressively scientific, she is obviously passionate about her subject matter. The jury was inspired by how she integrates boundaries between scientific concepts into her artistic research methods through different media, from living sculptures to biodata recordings. We think there is a huge potential for her practice to relate to the local environment, and she will gain new insights into the Australian natural environment. She is going to share these outcomes of thinking about and living alongside other planetary organisms with BigCi visitors.

Tosca receives a fully paid residency, accommodations, a stipend and percentage of her flight will be covered by the award.

For more information about the BigCi 2019 Environmental Awards, please go to

There’s a lot taking place over here, down-under! Meanwhile, a live interview took place, September 10th with the Australian Broadcast Corporation. Here’s a link (they turned it into a Digital Story):

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